Rawah 1277 x 345


SINCE 1981

Convertible Pannier Backpack Systems

Handbuilt in the USA

Full Set Pannier 640 x 432
Classic Pack Olive Back 560×420
Classic Pack Olive Side 560×420
Rear Panniers 560×420
Logo white 560×421


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  • Due to high customer demand and our small team of manufacturers, Elite Convertible Pannier Backpacks are often in short supply. We try to ensure we keep some in stock but if we don’t have the color you are looking for, you can place backorder or contact us  to discuss your requirements.

    The color option images for this product have been digitally synthesized for illustrative purposes – please be aware that for this reason they cannot be aligned 100% with the ‘real thing’ and some variety will occur.

    Choose a color by clicking it in the box below. You may choose an in-stock pack for immediate delivery, or choose a color for a future production run if you’re not in a hurry.  Though our customers conspire to keep us sold out of every color, we do strive to keep a variety of colors on hand. We are often surprised! Email us to backorder a different color choice to be made in the following batch. To make things easier, the following colors are in stock now: Red, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Bronze, and Gray. Depending on the season and our workload, a backorder may take 1-3 months. Some custom colors are  not set up on the site, so email us and we’ll try yo arrange for your favorite color. Thank you for your patience! We have two special colors in stock: Navy Blue and Cranberry.  (Not red, not purple, it is more like a cranberry!)  We have only 2 left – email me at rjones@frii.com to reserve your special color.

  • The Classic Convertible Pannier Backpack – spacious and robust backpack converting to rear pannier set. The Classic offer travelers a flexible, streamlined and reliable means to explore by foot and by bicycle!

    Due to high customer demand and the highly skilled labour involved in manufacturing the backpacks by hand, there is sometimes a waiting list for the each new batch of pannier backpacks. Colors that we hold in stock may be limited at your time of purchase. If we don’t have the color you’re looking for, it’s possible to place a backorder. You could also consider purchasing the Elite Convertible Pannier Backpack model for full a front and rear pannier set!

    Choose a color by clicking it in the box below. You may choose an in-stock pack for immediate delivery, or choose a color for a future production run if you’re not in a hurry.  To make your choice easier, the colors in stock today are: Red and Purple. We also have 2 limited edition colors in stock now: Aquamarine and Cranberry. (The Aquamarine is light blue, the Cranberry is a rich red wine color that could also be called Merlot. These are special order packs and you will not find them on the regular order function – please email us to place your order, rjones@frii.com).  We also stock several colors to backorder, including all the colors mentioned elsewhere on the site. Email us to request a backorder.


Rugged backpacks that convert to spacious panniers.

Our unique, patented designs enable true mobility, on-demand.

The ideal solution for adventurers that want to bike and hike.

Suitable for both cycling tours or day to day urban usage.

Handbuilt in the U.S.A using durable materials. Designed to last.